How Much is a Bernedoodle Puppy?

| Updated: November 6, 2023
how much is a bernedoodle puppy? bernedoodle puppy running through the yard

If you’re looking for a fluffy, friendly, and hypoallergenic dog, you might have heard of the Bernedoodle. This designer breed is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, and they come in various sizes and colors.

Two questions I often hear about these dogs are: “What is that cute fluffy thing?” and “How much does a Bernedoodle cost?”

Two totally valid questions. The price of a Bernedoodle puppy is between $2000 – $5000 on average. This big range depends not only on the breeder but also on the quality of the puppy. This is also one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ situations. The cheaper the Bernedoodle – the more questions you should ask.

What is a Bernedoodle?

To understand the price point of these dogs, we have to take a look at what they are and what goes into breeding them.

A Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog that combines the traits of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle.

Depending on the size of the Poodle parent, a Bernedoodle can be a standard, mini, or micro size.

Type of BernedoodleHeightWeight
Standard Bernedoodle22″ – 29″50 – 90 lbs
Mini Bernedoodle18″ – 22″25 – 50 lbs
Micro Bernedoodle12″ – 17″10 – 25 lbs

As a general rule, the smaller the Bernedoodle, the more expensive it will be.

They also have a variety of coat colors and even textures. Some puppies will have the curly coat of their poodle parent, and others will have a wavy coat like the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The most common coat colors are black, white, brown, and tan – but rare colors like merle, tri-color, and phantom can occur and will raise the price.

How Much Does a Bernedoodle Puppy Cost?

On average, a Bernedoodle puppy from a reputable breeder will cost between $2,000 to $5,000 or more.

Merle coat Bernedoodles will be on the higher end, between about $3800 – $4500. While tri-colored pups are usually a little lower than that.

f2 merle coat Bernedoodle puppy
Here is an F2 generation Bernedoodle puppy with a merle coat
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

On the other hand, certain ‘undesirable’ colors, like solid black, while rare, are often cheaper. Bottoming out near the $2000 price mark.

Some of the most expensive Bernedoodles can run as much as $10,000 or more, especially for a combination of sought-after traits.

Additionally, the puppy’s generation will affect the price as well. An F1 Bernedoodle will often cost more than subsequent F2 and F3 generations.

You can certainly find cheaper dogs – but should you? A quick Google search found Bernedoodle pups for as low as $750. They may be great, healthy dogs from a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, it’s more likely they are coming from a backyard breeder or puppy mill trying to make a quick buck on the backs of a living animal.

Always do your due diligence when buying a pet of any kind!

How to Find a Reputable Bernedoodle Breeder?

One of the most critical steps in buying a Bernedoodle puppy is finding a reputable breeder who cares about the health and welfare of their dogs. A reputable breeder will:

  • Provide proof of health testing and genetic screening for both parent dogs and puppies
  • Offer a health guarantee and a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale
  • Provide vaccination records and deworming treatments for the puppies
  • Socialize and train the puppies from a young age
  • Allow you to visit their facility and meet the parent dogs and puppies
  • Answer any questions you have about the breed and the puppy
  • Provide ongoing support and advice after the sale

How to Save Money on a Bernedoodle Puppy?

Buying a Bernedoodle puppy can be a significant investment, but there are some ways to save money on your purchase. Some of the ways to save money are:

  • Adoption. Every once in a while, you might find a Bernedoodle available for adoption, which would save a substantial amount.
  • Buy your Bernedoodle from a nearby breeder instead of a distant one. This will save you money on transportation costs, such as gas, airfare, or shipping fees. You will also be able to visit the breeder and the puppy in person, which will help you ensure the quality and health of the dog.
  • Less popular coat type or color. Some Bernedoodles have more expensive coats or colors, such as merle or tri-color. If you are not picky about the appearance of your Bernedoodle, you can opt for a more common or less expensive coat or color, such as solid or bi-color. Potentially saving $1,000 or more.
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