“Soccer Match Interupts Doggy Playtime” – According to One Good Boy

| Updated: March 13, 2024
Maximiliano Salas carrying the dog that ran onto the pitch during the Palestino v Curicó Unido match.

How often do you come across a dog that has no interest in balls? All dogs have unique personalities, so I’m sure it happens, but it’s not a particularly common trait. Most of them will go crazy for tennis balls, footballs, and any other type of ball they can grasp in their mouth or bat around with their paws – including soccer balls.

Which is exactly what soccer fans in Chile were treated to when they showed up at the La Granja Stadium.


A seemingly normal match between Palestino and Curicó Unido was adorably disrupted around the 8-minute mark when a large brown dog made his way onto the field in an attempt to get the soccer ball.

Greeted by cheers and laughter, the happy-go-lucky pup ran right up to Palestino player Maximiliano Salas and grabbed the ball at his feet. By this time, the referees had already stopped the match. After giving the dog some well-deserved rubs, Salas picked him up while he still held onto the ball and carried him off-field.

Salas handed the dog off to an official while fans cheered even louder. Shortly after, the Primera División match resumed and continued as usual, ending with a score of 1 for Palestino and 0 for Curicó Unido, according to ESPN.


Watch below to see the adorable situation yourself!

Puppy Plays Professional Football || ViralHog

The video was also posted on Reddit, getting some good laughs and jokes. “You taking me to the team’s chiropractor? I could use professional belly rubs.” joked u/FactualOptimist. “There’s no rule says the dog can’t play Premier Division football!” claims u/ThaneOfCawdorrr. And our personal favorite “..and i would have got away it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids” jokes u/fazlez1.


According to one Redditor, the dog was a stray, and after being checked by the vet, he was adopted by a family member of one of the players. If true, it certainly makes for a fantastic end to the story.

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