Who Are We

We are a team of passionate pet owners who want to share our love for animals with the world. We realized how frequently people close to us had questions about their pets, and we decided to make an outlet for everyone that would help answer their questions and encourage learning.

From that love and interest in animals, BuzzPetz was born! A website where we aim to provide everything you need to make your pets life, and yours, happy and healthy. Whether you are looking for tips, advice, products, services, or just some fun and entertainment, we aim to include it all!

We hope you enjoy your visit to BuzzPetz and find everything you are looking for. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to hear from you!

BuzzPetz Mission

We are dedicated to providing pet owners and lovers with the best information, advice, and entertainment on all things pet-related. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a fish, a bird, or any other kind of animal companion, you’ll find something for you. Our mission is to help you and your pet live happier and healthier lives together.

In furtherance of that mission we strive to offer:

  • Informative and engaging articles on pet care, health, nutrition, training, behavior, and more.
  • Fun and inspiring stories, videos, and photos of pets from around the world.
  • A supportive and friendly community of pet owners and experts who are ready to answer your questions and share their experiences.
To us, pets are family. As such, they deserve to be celebrated, and we’d love to share that with you!

Our Team

Chase Roseberry

Chase is the founder of BuzzPetz where he serves as editor, writer, and web developer to help keep things running smoothly.

Chase's life has been a remarkable journey into the world of animals. From his time spent working with an equine Veterinarian, raising exotic snakes, and live coral aquaculture, his diverse background fuels his passion for the animal kingdom.

Chase's deep connection with animals has been a constant thread throughout his life, inspiring him to share his wisdom and experiences through captivating writing. As his faithful German Shepherd proofreads everything at his side.

Shane Elliot

Shane is the nature-loving editor at BuzzPetz. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Montana, he shares his home with a loyal black lab, his adventurous companion on woodland explorations.

Shane's passion for animals and the great outdoors fuels his love for writing. Through his captivating articles, he delves deeper into the world of our beloved pets, bringing enchanting tales and valuable insights to readers like you.

Kayla Stewart

Kayla Stewart is a passionate animal lover and a talented freelance writer. She has written for various publications on topics ranging from pet care to travel tips.

When she’s not writing or travelling, you can find her relaxing at the beach or curled up with a good book and her cat.

Kayla is a regular contributor to BuzzPetz, where she writes engaging and informative articles for pet lovers of all kinds.

Jeffery Krantz

Jeff Krantz is a part-time writer for BuzzPetz and a full-time freshwater fish fanatic. He has been keeping and breeding freshwater fish for over 10 years, and he loves to share his passion and expertise with other hobbyists.

But Jeff’s writing is not limited to aquarium topics. He also enjoys writing about other interesting pets that catch his eye, such as hamsters, rabbits, hedgehogs, and more.
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