Humane Society Worker Fired After Husband Breaks Dog’s Skull – Authorities Say

Evansville man facing animal cruelty charges after dog returns to the humane society with severe injuries
| Updated: March 15, 2024
Dylan Micheal Werner Mugshot - Charged with animal cruelty

A man charged with torture or mutilation of a vertebrate animal (animal cruelty) was released from the Vanderburgh County Jail in Evansville, Indiana.

Dylan Micheal Werner, 27, was arrested after a pit bull named “Chevy” left in his care was returned to the Warrick County Humane Society with severe injuries, including a fractured eye socket.


Jessica Werner, Dylan’s wife, worked at the Warrick County Humane Society and left the dog with her husband on February 1st. She returned home on February 5th and said she saw blood on the dog’s mouth and legs.

After returning the dog to her job at the Warrick County Humane Society, Jessica was questioned about the injuries before learning that the dog had a skull fracture. She was later fired from her job.

During an interview with deputies, Dylan admitted to hitting the dog “harder than he should have” but claimed he was protecting himself from aggressive behavior and was worried it would get worse. He also said the dog did not bite or attack him during the incident.


Jessica told deputies that the dog in question had never shown any type of aggressive behavior toward people or other animals before.

Officials noted that Dylan did not show remorse or concern for the dog’s wellbeing during the interview.

Dylan was released on March 14th on a $750 bond.

At this time, there is no update on the condition of the dog, but he is being treated at the Fort Branch Veterinary Hospital.


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Dog returned to humane society with fractured eye socket, leading to Evansville man's arrest
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