Can Dogs Eat Ritz Crackers? 

A safe treat and effective training tool
| Updated: January 29, 2024
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Most dogs are open when picking out what they will eat. This can often lead them to eat things they are not supposed to when they come across human snacks like chips and chocolate. Most owners can probably agree that their varied palette can be both a blessing and a curse in this way. 

One food that many people want to know about is Ritz Crackers. So, can dogs eat Ritz Crackers? Is it dangerous if your dog gets into a package of Ritz Crackers? Let’s talk about it! 

Ritz Crackers Are Edible For Dogs


At the end of the day, Ritz Crackers can be eaten by dogs. In very small amounts, they can act as a very enticing treat. 

Ritz Crackers don’t contain any dog toxins on their own, which means they are fully safe for dogs to eat. With that said, they aren’t extremely nutritious and can make dogs prone to certain digestive health issues. Additionally, some unique Ritz Crackers, such as those that contain sweeteners or add-ins, may have ingredients that are toxic to dogs, such as xylitol or garlic

Are Ritz Crackers Healthy for Dogs? 

Even though they are irresistible for dogs, Ritz Crackers don’t pack a punch in terms of nutrition. For the most part, Ritz Crackers mainly supply your dog with calories in the form of fats and simple carbohydrates. In other words, Ritz Crackers are by no means a substitute for your dog’s normal daily food. 

Ritz Crackers can also make your dog susceptible to a few digestive illnesses and disorders. As mentioned, their unbalanced caloric value can throw off your dog’s natural balance of food. They can make your dog’s diet more fatty overall, which can lead to weight gain or obesity. 

Likewise, most Ritz Crackers are extremely high in sodium. In small doses, sodium is fine (or even healthy), but in excess, it can give your dog salt poisoning. 

What is the Best Way to Give Your Dog Ritz Crackers?


With all of this in mind, you may be wondering what the best way to feed your dog Ritz Crackers is. When looking through these suggestions, keep in mind that every dog is different in terms of size, temperament, and health, so you should tailor your use of Ritz Crackers to your dog specifically! 

Many people like to use Ritz Crackers for training, as they are truly irresistible to dogs and capture their attention perfectly. As mentioned above, you should use regular Ritz Crackers that have no add-ins or additional ingredients, such as sweeteners. If you want to sweeten the deal, you can add a small amount of peanut butter to your Ritz Crackers, which is 100% dog-safe! 

On average, most dogs (especially smaller dogs) should only be given 1-2 Ritz Crackers a day. If your dog is larger, you may consider increasing to a maximum of 3-4 Ritz Crackers a day at most. As with most new food additions, you should monitor your dog’s behavior and health after adding Ritz Crackers into their diet. 

One helpful tip that most people use is to split your crackers into smaller pieces so that your dog can get more bites of Ritz goodness in their day! This is especially helpful if you are using Ritz Crackers to train your dog.

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