A spring spaniel hoarding a pile of tennis balls
Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls

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Kenyan sand boa on dark background
Kenyan Sand Boa – Species Profile & Care Guide
By: Ryan Fisher
Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?
Can Dogs Eat Cheetos? Risk Vs. Reward
By: Ryan Fisher
Can cats see colors?
Can Cats See Colors, or Are They Color Blind?
By: Chase Roseberry
dogs can eat cheerios in moderation
Yes, Dogs Can Eat Cheerios, But They Really Shouldn’t
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German Shepherds vs Wolf comparison
German Shepherd vs Wolf: The Big Differences
By: Chase Roseberry
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10 Most Popular Dogs with Blue Coats
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Are Nut Butters Safe for Dogs?
By: Chase Roseberry
Can Cats Eat Seaweed? featured image
Can Cats Eat Seaweed? With The Right Kind, Absolutely!
By: Ryan Fisher
Can dogs eat ritz crackers featured image
Can Dogs Eat Ritz Crackers? 
By: Ryan Fisher
blue cat playing outside
12 Cat Breeds With Blue Coats
By: Ryan Fisher
Guy showing the Maine Coon size holding up his large cat
Maine Coon Size vs. an Average Cat (With Size Chart)
By: Chase Roseberry
are wolf dog hybrids legal featured image of a wolf dog howling in the woods
Are Wolf Dog Hybrids Legal to Own? Depends on Your State – Updated 2024
By: Chase Roseberry
A blue German shepherd walking along a small wooden bridge
Blue German Shepherds – They’re Real and Stunning
By: Chase Roseberry
Most expensive cat breeds list featured image
15 Most Expensive Cat Breeds – Updated 2024
By: Chase Roseberry
Blue Bengal cat sitting on a large rock in the woods
Blue Bengal Cat – A Unique Breed With a Mind-blowing Coat
By: Chase Roseberry
Red Polydactyl Maine Coon cat on black background raising its paw
Polydactyl Maine Coon Cats – The Adorable Cats With Huge Paws
By: Chase Roseberry
White Maine coon cat sitting in tall grass and flowers
The White Maine Coon Cat – Majestic and Equally Rare
By: Chase Roseberry
woman holding sunflower seeds - can dogs eat sunflower seeds?
Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?
By: Chase Roseberry
two black German shepherds holding tug toys - dogs with the strongest bite force
Dogs With The Strongest Bite Force
By: Chase Roseberry
fluffy white maltese dog running through a yard
History of the Maltese Dog Breed
By: Ryan Fisher
Leonberger running and playing in snow - rarest dog breeds in the united states
7 of the Rarest Dog Breeds in the United States
By: Ryan Fisher
Can a bug zapper kill a cat?
Can a Bug Zapper Kill a Cat?
By: Chase Roseberry
woman holding one of the largest cat breeds, a maine coon
Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds
By: Ryan Fisher
dog ate santas cookies as a christmas snack
7 Safe Snacks for Dogs this Christmas
By: Dr. Hannah Staniforth, BVSc MRCVS
Can dogs eat rye bread image of sliced rye bread
Can Dogs Eat Rye Bread?
By: Chase Roseberry
What snakes are found in Oklahoma?
What Snakes Are Found in Oklahoma? 
By: Ryan Fisher
Is garlic safe for dogs - Can dogs eat garlic
Can Dogs Eat Garlic
By: Chase Roseberry
Husky watching a woman eat pizza - can dogs eat pepperoni?
Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?
By: Chase Roseberry
BuzzPetz cat F.R.I.D.A.Y in the Christmas tree - how to keep cats out of christmas tree
9 Easy Tips to Keep Cats Out of Christmas Trees
By: Ryan Fisher
Golden retriever puppy investigating electrical cords - how to stop dogs from chewing on electrical cords
How to Stop Dogs From Chewing on Electrical Cords
By: Chase Roseberry
Hunting dog breeds - golden retriever chasing game birds into the river
10 Best Hunting Dog Breeds
By: BuzzPetz Staff
adult veiled chameleon perched on a tree branch
Veiled Chameleon – Species Profile & Care Tips
By: Chase Roseberry
Super crimson albino iguana morph - green iguana morph
Types of Green Iguana Morphs – With Pictures
By: Chase Roseberry
Green iguana in it's enclosure basking on a tree limb
Green Iguana – Species Profile and Care Tips
By: Chase Roseberry
Bernese mountain dog outside panting next to a bowl of water
Signs of Dehydration in Dogs: How to Recognize and Prevent It
By: BuzzPetz Staff
can german shepherds swim? Yes!
Can German Shepherds Swim?
By: Chase Roseberry
how much is a bernedoodle puppy? bernedoodle puppy running through the yard
How Much is a Bernedoodle Puppy?
By: Chase Roseberry
baker cat making biscuits - why do cats knead
Why Do Cats Knead? 11 Reasons Your Cat’s Making Biscuits
By: Chase Roseberry
chow chow dog breeds with blue tongues
12 Dog Breeds With Blue Tongues
By: Chase Roseberry
Cat rubbing it's face on plants outside
Why Does My Cat Rub Her Face On My Phone?
By: Chase Roseberry
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