American Boxer Foxhound: Breed Profile

| Updated: August 10, 2023
American Boxer Foxhound parent breeds

Origin History of the American Boxer Foxhound:

The American Boxer Foxhound is a relatively new hybrid, created by crossing two beloved breeds – the American Foxhound and the Boxer. This mix is an energetic and loyal companion, combining the best qualities of both parent breeds.

The American Foxhound was developed from English hunting dogs brought to the Americas in the 1700s. Foxhounds were used for a variety of tasks, such as field trials, slow-trailing, drag hounds, and pack hounds. Field trial hounds were known for their speed and competitive abilities, while slow-trailing hounds were used for hunting foxes on foot. Drag hounds and pack hounds were raced or hunted using an artificial lure or with a large pack of hunters on horseback.

The Boxer descends from two breeds – the German Bullenbeisser and the Bulldog. The Bullenbeisser was used as a hunting dog for centuries to hunt bears, wild boars, and deer, while the Bulldog was used as a guard dog. In the late 19th century, Georg Alt in Munich bred a brindle-colored female Bullenbeisser named Flora with a local dog of unknown origin. This breeding produced a litter, with one fawn-and-white male being named Lechner’s Box. This is believed to be the start of the line that would become the modern Boxer.

The Boxer was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904 and soon became a popular companion animal, show dog, and guard dog. When World War I began, Boxers were enlisted into the military, serving as messenger dogs, carrying packs, and acting as attack and guard dogs.

The American Boxer Foxhound was developed by crossing the American Foxhound and the Boxer, combining their best qualities. The combination of the two breeds results in an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion.

American Boxer Foxhound Appearance:

The American Boxer Foxhound is a large-sized mixed breed with a muscular build, square frame, and athletic overall appearance. They have long muzzles and floppy ears, with an almost wolf-like head shape and a long tail.

Their coat can be found in a variety of colors and patterns, from the American Foxhound parent, including tan, fawn, rust, cream, and spotted. Their coats can be both short and smooth, or long and rough. They have a thick double coat that keeps them warm and dry, as well as protects them from the elements. American Boxer Foxhounds have strong and powerful legs that give them incredible stamina and endurance, making them great running and hiking companions.

Diet and Nutrition:

The American Boxer Foxhound is a large, energetic breed that requires a diet tailored to meet its specific nutritional needs. This breed is prone to obesity, so it is important to properly portion their meals and provide them with plenty of physical exercise. A high-quality diet of dry kibble, wet food, and fresh fruits and vegetables can help ensure your pup receives the nutrients they need to stay healthy and active. Avoid giving them too many treats, as this can contribute to weight gain.

To ensure your pup is getting all the nutrients they need, consult your veterinarian to determine the best food for them. They may suggest specific brands or formulas that are tailored to this active breed. Additionally, consider adding supplements like omega-3 fatty acids to their diet, as they can help with joint and skin health.

Finally, it’s important to be aware of some of the common health issues associated with the American Boxer Foxhound. These include hip dysplasia, thyroid problems, and eye issues. Feeding them a well-balanced diet and providing them with adequate physical activity can help reduce their risk of developing these conditions.

Common Health Issues Affecting American Boxer Foxhounds:

One of the most common health issues affecting American Boxer Foxhounds is hip dysplasia. This condition occurs when the hip joint does not form properly, leading to arthritis and pain. It is often the result of poor nutrition and exercise and can be prevented by keeping within the breed’s guidelines for diet and exercise.

American Boxer Foxhounds may also be prone to eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. These conditions can be managed with proper eye care and regular check-ups. Finally, American Boxer Foxhounds can also be prone to ear infections and skin allergies. These can be managed with a healthy diet, regular grooming, and the use of medications or supplements as recommended by a veterinarian.

Interesting Facts About American Boxer Foxhounds:

American Boxer Foxhounds, a hybrid of the American Foxhound and the Boxer, are an interesting breed with a long history. Here are some interesting facts about these mixed-breed dogs:

The American Boxer Foxhound is not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed but is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club.

American Boxer Foxhounds are known for their active and energetic personalities. They make great family pets and are always up for a game of fetch or a good long walk. They also love a good cuddle, and will happily curl up on your lap for a nap.

One of the most interesting facts about the American Boxer Foxhound is that they are incredibly intelligent. This makes them easy to train, but they can also be easily bored and need lots of mental stimulation to keep them entertained.

American Boxer Foxhounds are known to be loyal, devoted, and protective of their families. They make excellent watchdogs and will alert you if they sense anything out of the ordinary.

The American Boxer Foxhound is also a surprisingly long-lived breed. With proper care, they can live up to 14 years or longer.

Overall, American Boxer Foxhounds are an interesting breed with a lot of love to give. With their intelligence, loyalty, and long lifespans, they make great family pets for those who are looking for a devoted companion.

Where to Adopt or Buy:

If you’re looking to adopt or buy an American Boxer Foxhound, your first stop should be a rescue organization. The American Boxer Foxhound is a mixed breed, so you won’t find any specific rescues for this particular dog.

However, there are a number of rescues that specialize in other similar breeds, such as the American Foxhound, Blue-Ticked Coonhound, or American Pit Bull Terrier. You might also be able to find a Boxer-Foxhound mix from a local shelter. As with any dog, you should do your research to make sure you’re prepared for what goes into owning a dog of this breed before you bring one home. You should also consider fostering a dog first to see if a Boxer-Foxhound is a right fit for your family.


In conclusion, the American Boxer Foxhound is a loyal, intelligent, and hardworking crossbreed. This breed is typically loving and well-mannered with children and can get along well with other canine family members when introduced properly.

With its origins in the American Foxhound and Boxer, this breed has the potential to be an excellent hunting partner, guard dog, and companion animal. However, due to their high prey drive and hunting instincts, small animals and larger pets may not be a good match for this breed. Therefore, it is important to research and understand the breed before deciding if the American Boxer Foxhound is the right fit for your family.


Q: Are American Boxer Foxhounds good family dogs?

A: Absolutely! American Boxer Foxhounds are great family dogs. They are loyal, loving, and protective of their family members. They are also highly intelligent and active and they enjoy spending time with their family. With proper training and socialization, they can make a great addition to any family.

Q: Do American Boxer Foxhounds require a lot of exercise?

A: Yes, these dogs need a significant amount of exercise each day. They love to run and explore, so a long walk or jog is usually enough to keep them happy. They also enjoy playing fetch, running agility courses, and participating in other active, challenging activities.

Q: Are American Boxer Foxhounds prone to any health issues?

A: American Boxer Foxhounds may be predisposed to some health issues due to the genetics of their parent breeds. Some of the most common health issues include hip dysplasia, eye problems, and elbow dysplasia. It is important to work with a reputable breeder to ensure that your puppy is as healthy as possible.

Q: What kind of temperament do American Boxer Foxhounds have?

A: American Boxer Foxhounds are known for being loyal and gentle. They are also highly intelligent and are eager to please their owners. With proper training and socialization, they can make great family companions, although they may be wary of strangers.

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