Kevin Bacon (the pig) remains AWOL in Pennsylvania – Says “Later Animal House”

| Updated: October 18, 2023
Kevin Back the footloose pig in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

After 4 days of separation, Kevin Bacon continues to evade capture. His owner, Chelsea Rumbaugh, of Cumberland Township in Pennsylvania, saw Kevin Bacon from a distance this morning before he ran off into the woods again. She continues to ask the public for help in locating Kevin.

But it’s not because she wants an autograph; Kevin Bacon is her recently rehomed pig that escaped from her farm outside Gettysburg, PA.

As far as we know, the actor is safe and sound at home.


On Sat., October 14th, Kevin Bacon uprooted a pole in his pig pen and cut loose, leaving his Sunday shoes behind.

Since then, he has been sighted multiple times in the area, including daring returns to his pig pen for breakfast. However, he quickly runs away when anyone gets close.

Rumbaugh says, “He’s not used to people approaching him,” explaining the unsuccessful attempts to capture Mr. Bacon.

The Rumbaughs are no strangers to animals, having 3 other pigs, a rescue duck, and several dogs and rabbits. But they haven’t had Kevin long enough yet to get him accustomed to human attention.

Kevin Bacon having a ball with his newfound freedom
Credit: Bring Kevin Bacon Home (FB)

In a video taken this morning at 11:15, posted on the Bring Kevin Bacon Home Facebook page, Kevin Bacon can be seen embracing his inner wild thing, prancing through the neighbor’s field.


Fortunately, Kevin has been staying in the area, making eventual capture more likely. Rumbaugh said, “I almost think he’s playing,” after he uprooted her recently planted flowers and trotted off to the relative safety of his woodland vacation.

Kevin Bacons butt see on the edge of the woods
The spot where they will attempt to trap Kevin Bacon
Photo Credit: Bring Kevin Bacon Home (FB)

According to Rumbaugh, today’s task is about preparing a trap and, hopefully, her tricky pigs’ adventure to a close. With any luck, she’ll be sipping coffee with Mr. Bacon by morning.

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