Affenpoo: Breed Profile

| Updated: August 10, 2023
This Affenpinscher is a little moustached and charming little puppy, alert and inquisitive, loyal and affectionate.

Origin and History:

The Affenpoo is a relatively new designer dog, created by crossing an Affenpinscher with a Poodle. As such, they don’t have a long history of their own, but both of their parent breeds have histories that span centuries.

The Affenpinscher has existed since the 17th century, though reliable documentation of the breed only dates back to the late 19th century. It is believed that Dutch paintings from the 15th century depict small, rough-coated, bearded dogs, which may be the predecessors to the Affenpinscher. Originating in Germany and highly sought after for their rat-catching abilities, Affenpinschers were employed in stables, shops, farms, and homes. Eventually, breeders in Lubeck, Germany, began to miniaturize the ratters, creating the breed we know today.

The Poodle has a similarly long history. It was once used for duck retrieving, as the breed’s intelligence and great recall skills made them a great choice for the task. However, their trainability and intelligence make them suitable for many purposes, from agility to the show ring.

The Affenpoo is a healthy and long-lived breed, though there are some known health issues that potential owners should be aware of. For this reason, any Affenpoo should be obtained from a reputable breeder who can provide health clearances for the parents.

Physical Characteristics:

The Affenpoo is a small to medium-sized dog, typically weighing between 6 to 16 pounds when fully grown. They have a unique, shaggy but neat coat, with a thick and rough texture that ranges in length from 1 inch on the body to longer, shaggier fur around the head, neck, chest, stomach, and legs. The long fur around the head and shoulders gives the Affenpoo a cape-like appearance. The breed is usually found in one of five colors: black, gray, silver, black and tan, or red. Red Affenpoos may have black, brown, or white hairs mixed in and black Affenpoos may have a few white or silver hairs mixed in.

The Affenpoo’s coat requires daily brushing and regular bathing and trimming to keep it from becoming matted. Additionally, they can be prone to tear staining, so professional grooming may be necessary to keep them looking their best. Keeping their nails trimmed, like with all breeds, is also important for the Affenpoo, as overly long nails can cause discomfort and lead to other health issues.

Unique Characteristics:

The Affenpoo is a small breed with high energy levels, making proper nutrition and diet essential to its health and well-being. Feeding an appropriate diet can help this pup stay active and full of life. To start, it’s important to choose a high-quality food specifically designed for small dogs with high energy levels. This will help ensure they are getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids they need to stay healthy and active.

Supplementing the diet with foods that can help boost coat health is also recommended. Consider adding antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to the diet, such as salmon oil, to help keep the Affenpoo’s thick, constantly growing coat healthy and shiny. Additionally, avoid overfeeding or providing too many treats as this pup can be prone to weight gain. Instead, opt for low-calorie treats such as sweet potato or carrot.

Because all dogs are unique in their diet needs, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine the best food for your pup. This will ensure your Affenpoo is getting the nutrition it needs for optimal health and well-being.

Interesting Facts:

The Affenpoo is a hybrid breed that is made up of two small dog breeds, the Affenpinscher and the Poodle. Although they are generally healthy and long-lived, they may be prone to some of the same health concerns as their parent breeds. It is important to maintain good care and regular veterinary checkups to ensure your Affenpoo stays healthy.

Some of the more common health problems that Affenpoos face include patellar luxation, which is a condition where the kneecap slips out of place, and collapsing trachea, which is a condition where the windpipe is weakened and collapses. They may also be prone to eye problems such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy, which is the gradual deterioration of the retina. Additionally, they may experience some skin and coat issues due to their thick fur.

It is important to be aware of these health risks and to be proactive in preventing them. Taking your Affenpoo for regular checkups and making sure they are up to date on their vaccinations can go a long way in helping to prevent any potential health problems.

Sports and Competitions:

The Affenpoo is an interesting crossbreed that is known for its small size and lively personality. Here are some interesting facts about this unique breed:

  1. The Affenpoo is a cross between the Affenpinscher and the Poodle. The Affenpinscher is an ancient breed known for being courageous, loyal, and spirited, while the Poodle is an intelligent and active breed. The result is a delightful mix of these two breeds with a zest for life and an endearing personality.
  2. The Affenpoo is often considered hypoallergenic due to the Poodle’s low-shedding coat. This makes them a great fit for those with allergies or sensitivities.
  3. The Affenpoo is known for being quite intelligent. They are quick learners and can pick up new tricks in no time. They are also known for being quite independent, which can make them a great fit for households with busy schedules.
  4. Affenpoos have a surprising amount of energy. Despite their small size, they need a good amount of exercise and stimulation to stay healthy and happy.
  5. Affenpoos are known to be quite affectionate, which makes them great companions. They are also known for being loyal and protective of their owners, which means they’re great watchdogs.

These are just a few of the interesting facts about the Affenpoo.

Where to Adopt or Buy:

When it comes to bringing an Affenpoo into your home, you have two main options: buying from a breeder or adopting from a rescue organization. Each option has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider all of the pros and cons before making a decision.

If you choose to buy an Affenpoo, you’ll likely find a reputable breeder in your area by searching online or through breed clubs and organizations. Make sure to do your research and visit the breeder in person to get a better understanding of the living conditions and health of the puppies. Reputable breeders will have all of the necessary paperwork to prove the lineage of their pups, as well as a health guarantee.

Alternatively, you can consider adopting an Affenpoo from a rescue organization or shelter. Adopting is a great way to give a pup a second chance and you will likely pay a fraction of the cost of buying from a breeder. However, it is important to note that you may not know the full medical history of the pup and there may be underlying issues that you won’t be aware of until after the adoption is complete. Additionally, you may be placed on a waiting list before being allowed to adopt.

No matter what route you take, make sure to prioritize the health and happiness of your Affenpoo. A little research and due diligence will go a long way in ensuring that your pup has a safe and healthy home.


In conclusion, the Affenpoo is a unique and lovable companion that can be a great fit for the right home. They are usually friendly and eager to get along with everyone, and they make great canine companions. However, they do have some special needs that must be taken into consideration. For instance, they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy, and they may not do well in an apartment setting due to their tendency to be overprotective and noisy. Additionally, their high prey drive means that small animals may not be a good fit for a home with an Affenpoo. With the right preparation and understanding, the Affenpoo can be a wonderful addition to any family.


Q: How much exercise does an Affenpoo need?

A: Affenpoos have a moderate exercise requirement and typically do well with about an hour of exercise each day. This can include a brisk walk, a jog, or a play session with a toy. Additionally, Affenpoos are highly intelligent and benefit from mental stimulation, so providing them with puzzle toys and other brain-stimulating activities is recommended.

Q: What kind of coat does an Affenpoo have?

A: Affenpoos have a long, thick, and wavy coat that can vary in color from black to white, and everything in between. The coat may be slightly wiry to the touch and needs regular brushing to avoid matting and keep it looking its best.

Q: Are Affenpoos prone to any health issues?

A: Yes, Affenpoos are prone to several health issues, including patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Additionally, they may experience tear staining below the eyes, which can be addressed through professional grooming. It is important to work with a reputable breeder to ensure that your pup is healthy and free from any genetic conditions.

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